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Young Preschool

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn." -O. Fred Donaldson



Social Emotional: Form friendships with peers, appreciate and guide the expression of emotions, begin to resolve conflicts with the help of an adult.

Language: Support the emerging development of expressive and receptive language

Cognitive: Encourage critical thinking and reasoning skills through activities, games, and open-ended questions. Recognize unique learning styles. Investigate cause and effect or "what happens if..?"

Physical Development: Promote gross motor skills like jumping, running, and climbing to develop coordination and strength. Enhance fine motor skills through drawing, cutting, and crafting.

Creativity & Expression: Encourage self-expression through various projects and activities. Allow children to engage in imaginative play, collaboratively and separately.

Independence: Continue fostering self care skills like dressing, using the restroom, and cleaning up after activities. Encourage children to make their own choices and decisions.​


(flexible based on the needs of the children)

7:30 to 9:00-Drop Off & Outdoor or Indoor Free Play

9:00 to 9:30-Snack

9:30 to 9:45-Potty/Diapering

9:45 to 11:00-Free Play, Project Time, Prep for Outside

11:00 to 12:00-Outdoor Play

12:00 to 1:00-Lunch and Rest Time Prep

1:00 to 3:00-Rest Time

3:00 to 3:30-Potty/Diapers/Snack

3:30 to 5:30-Free Play & Pick-Up

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