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Our Mission

We believe that children thrive in an environment that values their own uniqueness while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially, and creatively. By building on each child’s strengths, interests, and curiosities, we guide them to explore the world around them, develop new abilities, and form close relationships.

Our Center Today

Our center operates on a year-round schedule Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. We serve children from the ages of 12 weeks to 5 years.

Our Philosophy

The Charlotte Children's Center believes that caring, respectful, positive relationships are the foundation for cognitive development in young children. We believe children are natural-born explorers and learn best through play. Teachers facilitate collaborative wonder through which the curriculum is co-constructed with the children.

We recognize the inherent uniqueness of each child. Children can express ideas visually, verbally, in writing, and through music and movement. 

We strive to encourage children to recognize that they are part of a wider community. Through purposeful guidance and modeling, we support each child as they build a positive sense of self while learning to demonstrate respect for all people and the environment. 

We believe there is a profound draw to nature throughout childhood. We promote the incorporation of natural materials in each classroom and emphasize the benefits of outdoor play in all seasons. Bringing the outside in creates wonderful exploratory moments, and we also bring the indoors outside by offering play choices that may mirror activities from the inside. For example, children can often be found reading, drawing, painting, or playing with instruments outside on the playground. Reciprocated, we may bring inside rocks, sticks, pinecones, and leaves for art projects and sensory exploration. 

Our Space

The Charlotte Children's Center is a renovated Victorian home that sits in the center of town. We are ideally situated across from the library and post office, and next door to the fire station and senior center.

voy book nook

Indoor Spaces

Our main location features two buildings. The infants through 3-year-olds are comfortably situated in the main house on the first floor. One preschool program is housed in a separate building that serves as their entire classroom, eating space, and bathroom. 

The Seedling & Voyager programs are situated in the vestry at the local church, offering a large classroom space and playground for our students.


Outdoor Spaces

Our playground space features a new fence as of Fall 2022. Infants/Toddlers have access to one section, while preschoolers explore the other section. There are a number of towering trees that children are free to run through, climb, chase, hide, dig, build, swing, and more! 

We have a small garden in which the children are responsible for observing and caring for plants and vegetables from seedlings to mature plants.


Community Spaces

Often times, programs will take walking field trips to the library. The preschoolers typically take part in "Story Time", led by one of the librarians once a week. Additionally, on special occasions, the whole center will parade around the community, visiting our local neighbors.  We have collaborated with the senior center who will occasionally host fun projects. All ages appreciate the fire station located directly next door.

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