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Lisa Currier

Preschool Team

Hello, my name is Lisa Currier (she/her). I have worked here at the children’s center for since 1997. I attended Champlain College and earned my Early Childhood Education degree in 1997. My very first student teaching assignment was

here at the children’s center. On my first day of student teaching, the director of the center asked if I would consider being a sub and I said yes of course, and have been here ever since.

I have worked in every classroom and found that the preschool rooms were the place that I longed to be. Preschoolers are like sponges; they absorb so much knowledge and are super excited to tell you what they have just learned. I have been back in preschool for 5 years and enjoy every

minute that I’m here.

I live in Bristol with my husband Michael and our 2 daughters. Bella is 18 and

graduated from Mount Abraham High School. She aspires to be a teacher as

well. She works at an afterschool program at Robinson Elementary in Starksboro one day a week this fall and will be joining Paula in the Builder room. Bella is taking a gap year and will attend college next fall. Gabbie is 17 and a senior at Mount Abraham High School. She also attends the Hannaford Career Center 1⁄2 days where she is a student in Sustainable Agriculture. I also have 2 older children-Kayla will be joining Sandy in the Explorer room this fall. Kayla is also a mom of 5 boys. My son Ryan works for himself doing construction. He blessed me with my only granddaughter.

In my spare time, I enjoy working in my flower gardens and spending time

outside. I also spent a great deal of time with my family.

Lisa Currier
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