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Leslie Thayer

Floating Support

 Hi, I'm Leslie (she/her). I joined this amazing community last fall. I recently retired after 40 years of teaching, 34 years of which were right nearby at Charlotte Central School! Shortly into my retirement, I realized that I really missed working with children and being part of a vibrant and busy workplace. I found what was missing here at the Charlotte Children's Center! The "cherry on top" for me was that I was meeting young parents who grew up with my own children and stayed in the area and now have families of their own. This connection is just part of what I love about working here.

   I have lived in Charlotte for almost 40 years. My husband and I raised our 3 children and assorted dogs, hamsters, and ducks here. In my spare time, I love to read, take walks, and spend time with my two year old granddaughter.

Leslie Thayer
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